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Therapy Your Way.

To people actively seeking a fuller life, SEVN Therapy Co. is the inspiring counseling practice that delivers a refreshingly upbeat way to experience biblical and practical therapy.

Our memberships include:

  • 45-minute sessions*
  • In-person and virtual sessions available
  • Scheduling in advance
  • Unlimited messaging with your counselor
  • A unique treatment plan tailored to you
  • Resources designed with your needs in mind

*Initial 75 minute intake session is required

Initial Intake Special

Try our 75 minute Initial Intake Special. This will help us discover your goals and develop a plan to help you reach your personal objectives. It’s the perfect starting point for you to see if our therapists are a good fit for your needs as well. 


We believe that therapy is a vital form of self-care; whether you are going through a challenging season, or just need time to wind down from the busyness of life. Our 6 or 12 month membership will help you achieve your personal goals through monthly counseling sessions. 

6 Month $1020
($170 per session) or

12 Month $1800
($150 per session)

Pay in full or per session

12 Session
Intensive Membership

This plan is designed for those looking to make remarkable improvements by working towards a path of wholeness through weekly or biweekly sessions with your selected counselor. 

($150 per session)

Pay in full or per session

Student Membership

This membership is for all students (elementary, teens or college) looking to understand and process emotions. Whether dealing with bullying, body issues, or a new/difficult season in life, our trained counselors offer tools and support to help navigate through this. 

6 Sessions $450
($75 per session) or

12 Sessions $900
($75 per session)

Pay in full or per session

Marriage Counseling Membership

Whether you and your partner are struggling with difficult issues, or simply want to be closer, our goal is to help couples step out of their hectic lives to focus on growth within their marriage.

Our 6 or 12 session memberships help you manage conflict and build relational intimacy. 

6 Month $1140
($190 per session) or

12 Month $2040
($170 per session)

Pay in full or per session

Premarital Counseling Membership

These 10 sessions are designed to help you and your fiancée address critical issues you’ll face within your relationship. Whether its finances, in-laws, expectations, sex or communication, Premarital counseling helps prepare you with clarity and strategies for marriage success. 


Therapy is work
and it will work.