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Marriage and Couples:

Let’s Reconnect


Many couples are hesitant to pursue couples therapy because they aren’t sure what to expect. Here are some FAQs to clear up misconceptions about counseling:

Q: Will my therapist take sides?

A: A common misconception about couples therapy is that a therapist will side with one partner. Your therapist’s role in session is to facilitate open and productive conversations.

Q: Will my therapist see us individually and as a couple?

A: It can be very therapeutic to work on yourself, outside of working on your relationship. We schedule each partner with a separate therapist for individual sessions to honor confidentiality.


Q: Will therapy fix my marriage?

A: Your therapist will give your partner and you the tools to improve communication and understanding within your relationship. While there is no quick fix, these tools will help your partner and you determine the future of your relationship.

Q: Should we go to counseling even if we don’t argue?

A: Couples don’t have to be actively facing conflict to strengthen their bond. Therapy can serve as a commitment to work on your relationship.

Strengthen Your Marriage Before the Wedding with Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling with licensed therapists begins with a Prepare and Enrich Assessment, which helps your fiancé, and you prepare for the future. You can expect to discuss everything from finances and family mapping to areas for growth and the dynamics of your relationship.

How SEVN Therapy can help:

Our licensed therapists typically use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused-Therapy to help individuals with anxiety. 


Therapy is a process and teaching coping mechanisms that people can use, outside of sessions, is key. Our experts are caring and compassionate and follow biblical based counseling.

Step 1:

Book a free 25-minute consultation.

Step 2:

Discuss your goals with a therapist.

Step 3:

Create a personalized plan.

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Therapy is work
and it will work.