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Let’s Get on the Same Page


When you combine different perspectives and personalities into one household, there’s no doubt that there will be disagreements. It’s natural for parents to struggle with how to connect with their children. It’s your responsibility to help them navigate who they’re going to be in a safe environment. Most parents even question if they’re even doing this whole parenting thing right.

Our licensed professionals are equipped to manage your challenging family dynamics effectively. Our goal is to help your family achieve peace and connection within your home.

Goals for Family Therapy:

  • Create healthy boundaries within the family.
  • Improve communication and reduce family conflict.
  • Enhance empathy to strengthen the family connection.
Why should I choose SEVN Therapy?

Our professional counselors provide a holistic approach to family therapy, where every member has a voice. Our therapists at SEVN Therapy Co. Are trained to help families manage:

  • Grief
  • Divorce Care
  • Blended Families
  • Parental Struggles

How SEVN Therapy can help:

Our licensed therapists typically use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Solution Focused-Therapy to help individuals with anxiety. 


Therapy is a process and teaching coping mechanisms that people can use, outside of sessions, is key. Our experts are caring and compassionate and follow biblical based counseling.

Step 1:

Book a free 25-minute consultation.

Step 2:

Discuss your goals with a therapist.

Step 3:

Create a personalized plan.

We Accept:


Article resources from our therapists

Therapy is work
and it will work.